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Enter Your Domain Name In The Search Box To Calculate The Estimated Worth Of Your website.

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Worth Of Domain

Enter Your Domain Name In The Search Box To Calculate The Estimated Worth Of Your website.

Enter Your Domain Like: Google.com, and so on ...

Worth Of Domain

Enter Your Domain Name In The Search Box To Calculate The Estimated Worth Of Your website.

Example Searches: Google.com, and so on ...


Worth Of Domain is a free Webmasters tools that allow you to check an estimate value and worth of domain names and websites.

Worthofdomain.com gives you information about your website estimated daily visitors, and page ranks, it also gives an estimate data report about website estimated page views, estimated unique visitors, and estimated Advert income.

The worthofdomain.com website price is not the exact business price of a domain or website price, but it is an estimation of value and worth of a website using available metrics and information to analyses the website data, this helps in achieving the domain appraisal value.

If you are a domain investor or an individual domain owner that want to sell a domain or website but not sure about its value or how much your domain name worth, Worth Of Domain is the ideal domain value calculator and domain appraisal tool that will help you to analyses your domain value using several unique metrics and algorithms to determine an estimated value and worth of your website. This value will help you not to sell your domain names too low or over price your domain names worth.


Worthofdomain.com uses a unique metrics and algorithms to generate the domain estimated price worth after you have entered the desired domain in the search box above, it only takes few seconds for you to see the estimated reported data and estimated price worth. It is also very important to note that if your domain name is a newly registered domain or relatively new, there might not be enough data available to analyses and give a correct domain appraisal of your domain, therefore, the estimated value generated might not be accurate.

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Estimated Worth: $806,667,547

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Estimated Worth: $52,067,547

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Estimated Worth: $1,426,667,547

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Worthofdomain.com uses the following reported data to determine the estimated figure of domain names worth:

# 1. Estimated Worth

# 2. Estimated data reports

- Estimated Pageviews

- Estimated unique visitors

- Estimated AD Income

# 3. General Information

- Meta tag information

- Title

- Description

- Keywords

- Domain age

- Server response time

# 4. Website Traffic Information

- Global rank statistics

- Popularity in country

- Regional Rank

- Traffic rank

- Search engine traffic

# 5. SEO Statistics

- Google indexed pages

- Yahoo indexed pages

- Bing indexed pages

- DMOZ Directory

- Backlinks

- MOZ Ranks checker

- Page authority score

- Domain authority score

# 6. Social Statistics

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

# 7. Host Information

- Domain IP

- Host country


- Server IP Blacklist or NOT

# 8. Malware detection

- Safe browsing (Safe site or Not)

- Antivirus check (Good or Not)

# 9. Whois Information

Recently Analysed Websites



Estimated Worth: $100

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Estimated Worth: $100

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Estimated Worth: $100

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Estimated Worth: $100

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Estimated Worth: $100

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Estimated Worth: $100

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# Estimated worth - Estimated worth is the exact estimated price tag worth of a domain in United State dollars currency after a domain value appraisal has been processed. Note: the price is just an estimated value worth of domain and not the exact market price of a domain name.

# Estimate Page Views - This is an estimation figure of the number of pages visited in a website either on a daily basis, monthly or yearly, and this is calculated or determine by the amount of traffic to a particular domain or websites.

# Estimated Unique Visitors - Unique visitors is the number of new visits recorded per website and this can be determined by the total number of unique IP visits to a particular website. The amount of traffic to a particular website will help in determining the unique visitors hence the estimated unique visitors data can be determined.

#Estimated Ads Income - Estimated ads income is the estimated amount a website generated from advertising e.g., Google Adsense allowed placement of adverts on websites and share revenue with publisher, Base on the estimated traffic and estimated page view, advert cost per click, CPC, CTR etc. an estimated ads revenue of a website can be determined. This depends on the type of advertiser scripts detected on a particular website with all other determined factors can be estimated.

# Meta Tags information - Meta tags information are the identity information of a websites which identifies a website or domain on the internet and in the search engine. Meta tags informations like website title and descriptions tells users and search engines what the domain or websites is all about.

Title - Title refers to your website name tag or description that let website user and search engines detect what your websites is all about.

# Description - Description or meta description is a short descriptive summary of your website; it is usually shown as a snippet to search engines. The description helps search engines and web user to understand the type of contents on your website and how it relates to search engines results.

# Keywords - Keywords are search engines queries words and phrases that points users to your websites and web pages from search engine. It gives ideas and define the type of contents you have on your websites pages. Sometimes the most occurrence keywords in a webpage are an indication and relevancy of what the site contents is about, and this will help search engines to interprets correctly your webpage contents in an organic search.

# Domain Age - Domain age is an accurate number of days, weeks, months or year duration that a website has been continued to exist since it was first registered.

# Server Response - Server response is the response time your websites take to resolved after a request from a web browser, this indicates how fast your website respond to queries or resolves on the internet.

# Global Rank statistics - Global rank statistics shown your website ranking position among all website worldwide on the internet as well as your website position globally in the search engine result page. Note: The smaller the global rank figure the better.

# Popularity Country -Popularity country shown a specific country a website is more popular. There are lots of factors that determines a website popularity in a country like: domain extension e.g. .UK extension websites will be more popular in United Kingdom, .in extension websites will be more popular in India, and .ng extension websites will be more popular in Nigeria. And so on. Also, Geo-targeting contents and traffic from a particular country, Geo-backlinks, web hosting servers location among other factors.

# Regional Rank - Regional rank shown as specific region of a country a website is ranking. A website can rank in a region due to its SEO Geo-targeting, geo-traffic, cookies detection from a particular region, domain extension among other factors could determine a website regional ranking..

# Traffic Rank - Traffic rank is a comparative ranking of your websites against other websites globally on the internet. Traffic ranks is based on the number of organic traffic that comes to your website in compare to other sites on the world wide web.

# Search Engine Traffic - Search engine traffic are the organic traffic by visitors who visits or click to your site through search engines, and in most cases, search engine traffics comes from search engines search results that direct people to your website.

# Google Indexed Pages - Google indexed pages are the total permanent web links of a website indexed by google search engine, Its the number of your website pages that can be accessed by users from google search across the internet.

# Yahoo Indexed Pages - This is the total number of your website pages available on Yahoo search engine.

# Bing Indexed Pages - Bings search engines crawls websites and make available webpages that is relevant to the internet searcher through Bing search engines, therefore if Bing search engine has indexed your site, your webpages will be available for internet user that are looking for related contents to your websites.

# DMOZ Directory - This data shows if your website is listed in DMOZ directory or not. DMOZ Directory is an open directory of links on the internet in multi languages.

# Backlinks - This is a data that shows the number of incoming links that point to your website and this could be a website links or pages. The more backlinks a website has, the more relevant a website gained on the internet.

# MOZ Rank Checker - MOZ Rank checker metrics shows the authority of a website page and domain, it shows your website rating on how well your website or domain are optimized on search engine.

# Page Authority score - Page authority score is a ranking score ranges from 1 to 100 which shows the ranking strength of your websites pages on SERP, Search Engine Result Pages. Therefore, a good Page Authority score is an indicator that your webpages are ranking well in search engine results.

# Domain Authority Score - Domain Authority score measure your domain performance in a search result. High domain authority scores is a good indicator that your overall domain is performing well in Google search engine results including all referring root domain that points to your website.

# Social Statistics - Worthofdomain.com shows social media statistics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This statistic shows the strength of your websites social media presence, interaction and performance, which may include links to your websites from social media, how many times your websites are shared on social media, discussions from social media with reference to your websites which can give an idea of how popular your webpages and domain is on social media.

# Host Information - The Hosting Information data shows the IP pointing to your domain, the hosting country as well as your internet service provider, ISP. The hosting information also show if your IP has been blacklisted in the past or not. All this metrics contribute greatly to the worth of your domain names.

# Safe Browsing - Safe browsing data show a verified symbol that indicate either your website is safe for browsing or not, this check will help to inform you incase your domain has been compromised by malicious agent, you can diagnose and fixed for a safer browsing experience for internet users.

# Antivirus Check - Worthofdomain.com run a virus check on your website to detect any vulnerability in your domain and detect if your domain is protected or not. A good pass mark remark indicates your website anti-virus status is in good standing.

# Whois Information -Whois information shows your website details identity information like the domain registrar name, domain registration date, domain expiring date, domain owner and address etc. this helps you to check a detailed profile of a domain as it pulled verified response from database query.

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